• Commercial
  • 2021
  • Animation

On Christmas There’s Always a Place

Vale Sul Shopping


On Christmas There’s Always a Place

Two cats in different realities – an adventurous street cat and the timid indoor cat. The short film highlights the contrast between these two personalities to raise awareness about empathy and acceptance. In the end, the street cat is invited to live in a comfortable home; after all, at Christmas, there’s always room for one more, and sharing, especially affection, comes at little cost.

3D animation, 01 minute, 2021

Concept Art / 3D Modelling


We created a heartwarming campaign, the animals are based on the Campaign Coordinator’s cats, they are called Mariano and Sabrino. The two kittens in two different realities, but who find companionship despite their differences, in the end the cat invites the other to live in his house, after all, at Christmas, there is always a place. It doesn’t take much to share, especially affection.
Cats are always successful on social media. We’ve received hundreds of photos from cat owners and their pets.

Concept Art

The story takes place in a suburban city and we used many elements from Brazilian houses to create the scenario


Client: Vale Sul Shopping
Creation & Script: Rodrigo Digodo Jackson
Production: Miralumo Films
Director: Gustavo Ribeiro
Executive Producer: Thais Peixe, Gustavo Ribeiro
CG Supervisor: Ivan Stephan, Gustavo Ribeiro
Production Designer: Rayner Alencar
Concept Art: Rayner Alencar, Mariana Tavares
3D Modelling: Luan Francisco, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior, Gustavo Ribeiro, Thais Peixe, Ivan Stephan
Grooming: Luan Francisco
Animation: Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior, Ivan Stephan
Lighting: Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior
Simulation: Ivan Stephan
Tool Development: Anna Fratus