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  • 2022
  • Animation

Christmas with a taste of memories

Vale Sul Shopping


Christmas with a taste of memories

What Does Christmas Taste and Smell Like? Based on this question, the objective of the campaign “A Christmas with a taste of memories” is to recover what is most essential for everyone: the love shared in the family. From an old recipe, which evokes flavours and smells from the characters’ childhood, a tradition is created that connects different generations.

Work for Vale Sul Mall

This project has already been awarded in two different festivals for advertisement videos.


For the characters and the environment, we created a version of the characters and the kitchen, where the whole story unfolds, in three different generations. For each version we incorporated details of each decade’s style and influences, along with traditional Christmas decorations and some elements – which I’m sure you will find in any brazilian kitchen – to evoke the holiday’s warmth and familiar memories.

The kitchen

The kitchen’s concept art and 3d turntable for the 70’s, 90’s and 2010’s.


Client: Vale Sul Shopping
Original Idea: Rodrigo Digodo Jackson
Script: Gustavo Ribeiro
Production: Miralumo Films
Director: Gustavo Ribeiro
Executive Producer: Thais Peixe, Gustavo Ribeiro
Production Assistant: Ana Crol
Production Designer: Rayner Alencar
Art Director: Luan Francisco
CG Supervisor: Ivan Stephan, Gustavo Ribeiro
Concept Art: Luan Francisco, Rayner Alencar, Mariana Tavares, Bruna Bastos
3D Modelling: Luan Francisco, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior, Isabela Pfeiffer Pimentel, Gustavo Ramos Pellizzaro
Look Development: Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes, Luan Francisco
Rigging: Felipe Gimenes
Grooming: Luan Francisco
Animation: Allan Dantas
Lighting: Gustavo Ribeiro, Maron Pinheiro Gomes Junior
Simulation: Ivan Stephan, Anna Fratus
Tool Development: Anna Fratus