• Original short film
  • 2022
  • Animation


Watch the short film here!


John, unable to understand the illness that drives his grandfather between past and present states, stumbles into an old album full of photographs and then let the images guide his imagination, transforming his grandpa’s memories into drawing interpretations. Drawings that shape their relationship into a history of remembrance and memory building.

3D animation, 16 minutes, 2020

Napo has been screened in over 100 festivals around the world and won over 50 awards for best animation!


Our life is the result of the moments we remember. But … What if we couldn’t remember anything? This film was born out of the anguish of forgetfulness. The proposal is to approach the theme of Alzheimer’s in a subtle way showing, through the child’s playful vision, the construction of a friendship between grandson and grandfather. In his grandfather, John finds a great company to share his biggest passion: drawing. And with his grandson’s relationship, Napo has the chance to remember clippings from past memories one last time

Lookdev of characater


Every item in the house draws inspiration from the 90s era. Above,the final pieces featured in the film alongside their fascinating concept art

See full Credits | This project would never be complete with a bunch of highly talented and inspiring team members. Thank you guys for making the project possible ♡